Fear Factory

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666 W 800 S, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 84104 Map
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Mathew C.
Oct 12, 2015
2nd best haunted house in SLC this year! I'd recommend Nightmare on 13th over this one, but its far better than Chaos Castle or Strangling Bros. We paid $25 each online, and showed up around 7:30pm. There wasn't much of a wait at all, although they had tons of cool scenery and wandering actors to check out in line, so a wait wouldn't have been bad.Once we got inside, it started slow but built up in scaryness as we went along. It was still light outside a bit when we got in, so I'd recommend waiting until at least 8pm to go. The warehouse it's in is amazing, but in a lot of the wide open areas it is tough to feel scared. Perhaps more sections or doors separating the themes or areas would help with pacing. My favorite sections were the swamp with a super beefy Jason-like killer, and the kid's room with the monster under the bed towards the end. Very unexpected and fun! That little girl with the mask on the rocking horse is sticking in my mind. Scary!!!I didn't really like the butcher section with the women in a cage of some kind pleading for help. Seemed like a theme that's overused, and it would have been better to see mixed genders held captive or even a psycho-killer woman holding guys hostage. Those would be scarier and are rare to see. The old 'save me, save me, I'm a helpless woman' theme is overdone in most haunted houses.All in all, solid haunted house worth your time if you've already been to Nightmare on 13th.
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