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Location Based Marketing

Is Location-Based Marketing the Next Big Thing?

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | May 25, 2017

With more number of people using smartphones in their day to day life, it has become an opportunity for marketers to target customers on the basis of their geographical location. Such an opportunity gave rise to location-based marketing. As the name implies, “location-based marketing is the kind of marketing done using mobile phones where information in the form of media content or messages is delivered to the user on the basis of his geographical location.” Having said that, location-based marketing is a perfect choice of marketing for those businesses who wants to target their customers within a specific radius of... Read More

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Automotive Marketing Trends 2017

Emerging Trends of Automotive Marketing in 2017

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | April 10, 2017

The renowned automotive industry of USA saw an unprecedented sales growth at the end of the year 2016. While such type of record-breaking statistic seems easier to guess but the path to the glory for US automotive companies has never been so smooth. Initially, the companies were having hard time to attract consumers. After putting together all the marketing efforts and technological advancements at the bay, dealers succeeded in attracting consumers with aggressive dealership marketing. Automotive Industry Trends 2016 – A Flashback Automotive & Tech Entrepreneurs have had predicted that future of Automotive Industry is more likely depended on upcoming... Read More

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Word of Mouth Marketing

Most Effective Tactics to Maximize Your Word Of Mouth Marketing for Small Business

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | April 5, 2017

Admit it ! We all rely on advice of our relatives, friends and family members at some point in our life. Some of us also love buttering and gossiping about something we genuinely care for or vice versa. We ask others feedback on the products we purchase, food we cook and even things we love. Isn’t it happen so ? Well it does. We are living in a technology driven world where not only people but also things are well connected to each other (Internet of Things). Information we seek or we tend to provide is generally delivered in form... Read More

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