Smart Ways of Creating and Managing Social Media Reputation for your Business

Social media reputation

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | March 11, 2017

Imagine a situation where you are running a startup and you are taking every possible step to make your startup grow. You try hard to improve traffic and sales, but the right ‘buzz’ always chooses to elude your business. According to you, you have implemented every possible business strategy to scale your business growth but all your efforts go in vain due to that negative buzz. You find it difficult to handle negative reviews about your business. According to BrightLocal, about 97% of consumers read online reviews before trusting a product. In other words, It’s so easy to get at least one negative review about your product but it’s not that easy to bear the consequences or effect that review had on your product. One wrong or negative buzz about your product can quickly go viral and completely defame your brand reputation. In this case, How do you wish that people would rave about your products and services online! It would be wonderful if you could impress upon your customers to do positive word of mouth marketing for you. But isn’t it nearly impossible? What do you do? Well, if it so happens with you then you need to have a well-defined social media reputation strategy for your business which not only will handle but it will also help in adopting proactive measures to build your brand reputation.

What is Social Media Reputation?


According to Sproutsocial,

Social media reputation management is the process of tracking, monitoring and ultimately eliminating negative social media material about your brand to improve your name or standing.

That being said, social media reputation if implemented and executed in a proper way can build your customer credibility which is an important key factor in building the brand reputation of your business.

How important is Social Media in terms of Reputation Management?

Infographic -What influences your Audience

Even though small business growth can be attributed to the outstanding product (and services) and best-in-class customer support, there’s a lot more that will get people talking. Are you aware that customers engaging with your products and business are 40 percent more likely to purchase again, and are 30 percent more satisfied? Today, business owners are researching upon the skills of reputation management services to generate excitement about their brand. Hiring a potential Reputation Management Firm will ensure that your business is thoroughly analyzed and all the key factors responsible for the wrong kind of buzz and customer dissatisfaction is resolved through a proactive and well-defined online reputation strategy. They are also using some proven tips to create that much-needed buzz which is helpful in improving social media reputation for a business.

Following are some smart ways to create and implement Social Media Management Strategy for your business:

  1. Visualize your Audience

    At the very onset, you need to figure out the exact audience that you are looking for. What are the tastes and preferences of customers in your niche? Which age group do they belong to? It’s best to create individual profiles and understand what will make them speak volumes about your product. Remember, regular communication with your customers can increase their response by over 19 percent.
  2. Set up Right Kind of Social Media Profiles

    This is the topmost priority step in Social Media Reputation Management strategy. Find two or three best social media sites which can result in better conversations and engagement. Use proper banner images, profile pictures to attract audience.
  3. Trigger off Conversations

    Get seen at networking events, online forums, social media platforms, and other places that manage to get people talking about things that interest them. You can participate in online groups, polls, and events where you are likely to find an audience in your niche. Start setting up social media campaigns. Facebook and Twitter campaigning is the best way to start with. Your campaign management plays paramount importance to trigger off conversations.
    Be it online, at clubs, in corporate dos, or seminars, initiate buzzy conversations that give others a chance to talk. With the right inputs in place, you will have them following you on Twitter or commenting on your blogs on other social media feeds. Doing such will increase your social media reputation with consistency.
  4. Post High quality content and interactive visuals

    In order to have a genuine interaction with your audience, you need to post and re-post your content on social media sites. You can use highly interactive infographics and visuals to let them informed about anything you want. Wish them on occasions and festivals. Initiate conversations with them while asking questions. Use polls for better interaction and quizzes for audience retention.
  5. Retain the Social Media Buzz

    Fuel your conversations with well-nurtured relationships, more entertainment, and new content. Keep rolling out new features and dangling carrots in the form of freebies and innovative product launches. If your audience loves what you have on offer, you will have an online fan following that will keep increasing in leaps and bounds. So keep publishing good content through press releases, articles, blogs, and other social channels – people will always find something or the other to give positive reviews about you! People, often love humor and they find such content more interesting which is having it. Write a good content with some kind of humor, facts, and flow.
  6. Borrow Credibility without Guilt

    So what if you are operating a relatively new business? You can always lean on your influencers to borrow upon their credibility. Engage with industry bigwigs online, get across to them through emails, retweet their content, and share their posts. What else? Tag their online presence; draw them into serious discussions on their own blog posts and more.

    Be creative, be innovative – the ensuing social media buzz will want to buy from you – the most ‘hash-tagged’ one! If you remain consistent in your social media strategy, then it will not so hard for you to maintain a smooth social media reputation.

  7. As mentioned above, having right social media strategy will up scale online reputation of your business. Having said that. you may refer to above points for guaranteed results.

    All the best.

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