Important Tips to Get More Positive Reviews Online

How to get positive reviews

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | June 1, 2017

How is your business performing on review sites? Are you successful in getting positive online reviews? Are you a victim of negative reviews which directly affects your online reputation?

No matter how good your product/business is and how well you treat your customers, there are still some chances of receiving negative feedback in the form of reviews. At times many unsatisfied consumers express their negative experiences on the web too. In such cases, negative reviews by such unsatisfied consumers are inevitable for a product/business owner.

In the words of Jason Arengo, internet marketing strategist of ‘Think Basis’, a leading internet marketing firm, “No amount of asking for user reviews or soliciting feedback will help compensate for a bad first impression.” said Jason. Having said that, you need to give plenty of reasons to make people write good words about your product. After all, not every customer you know has the time or inclination to review your products or services.

Important factor for getting more positive online reviews

So, how do you get more positive reviews online? Well, there is no magical stick that can make it true. But there is one important factor that works in the case of getting positive reviews. That much-needed factor is “to deliver good customer experience”. According to a survey conducted by American Express newspaper, “A satisfied customer will tell about his good customer experience to an average of nine people.” This creates multiplier effect which is a much-needed factor in getting positive reviews. By delivering an amazing customer experience, you not only increase your chance of acquiring new customer but also it helps in customer retention in a big way. Henceforth, if you want to build the initial foundation on getting positive online reviews, then it is critical for you to focus on your customer experience.

Most effective tips to get positive online reviews

Now that, you have understood the most important thing to get more positive online reviews, let us have a look at some legitimate tips which you can use to increase the count of online positive reviews for your business. These tips will help your website keep negative reviews at bay and add volume to your overall business performance.

  1. Setup the right kind of online profiles – Ask yourself this, “when people search for my business, are they getting authentic information?” In case, your answer is a no, then take your time to fill the correct information such as address, phone no., email, no. of hours of operations etc. It is an important prerequisite. You cannot expect any customer to reach you through a query if your online information is wrong.

  2. Monitor reviews at review sites – Knowing where your reviews may come up is the next step to gain more positive reviews. Keep your eye on online review sites such as Google, Yelp, Foursquare, glass door etc. In case, it is more time consuming for you then consider taking help of a review management software.

  3. Dig deep and fix problems – Once you establish your foothold on review sites, try putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and try to conclude why they would talk negatively about you? If you look at reviews from customer’s viewpoint, you will find it easy to draw positive comments to your website. Try fixing your interactions with customers, the features of your products and services, and ways of extending client support. Find out more about the search results related to your business with the help of an established reputation management service.

  4. Ask for a review – Isn’t it common for hotel and restaurant businesses to ask for a feedback when their clients are checking out? Don’t they ask whether the food served was up to your taste buds or not? The same principle applies to your products. Ask for a review from existing and current customers and they may oblige to give a good review automatically. You may do this with the help of a review generation software, which can send an automated email to your potential consumers asking for feedback.

  5. The correct follow-up – While selling stock online or offline, remember to solicit the email address of your clients. Include freebies or loyalty programs for gaining this information if required. Sites like Amazon always follow up a sale with an email requesting a feedback. You can do the same too. As per reputation management companies handling multiple client websites, this is certainly the right way to go.

  6. Dangle the right carrots – Amazon also uses its reviews to assess customers’ tastes and buying habits. This creates a win-win situation for both: The shopping giant gets good reviews automatically and enjoys a fruitful social media buzz, while customers end up getting customized information about useful products.

  7. Gather feedback through focus groups – Thinking of launching a new product? Get linked to focus groups that will make people talk about your findings and blog posts. More often this essential step is followed by reputation management companies desirous of gathering feedback from their clients.

  8. Pictures say it better than words – In this age of infographics, you can find yourself a step ahead by transforming your review specific data into data sets and graphs. Along with presenting all positive feedback in a single go, you can add appealing information about your business, thereby drawing in more good reviews to your website.

Above tricks will help you in soliciting positive customer feedback for your business. As mentioned above, ultimately what matters most to you is to provide them with positive customer experience so that they won’t hesitate to spread a good word-of-mouth about your business or product.

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