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by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | February 13, 2017

Online reputation management services are taking up the challenges of maintaining brand consistency with respect to the online and physical presence of businesses – however big or small. Today, high sales turnovers are no longer restricted to brick and mortar stores. With plentiful discounts and frequent ‘sales offers’ to their credit, the online versions of retail outlets and other service providers are making it big too. If you are wondering about that one thing that’s fueling their growth, then, do know that it is the right social media buzz that’s making or breaking businesses these days.

Brands are Following Customers Everywhere

Surveys have brought to light that nearly 70 percent of perspective customers hope to buy branded products at the same cost (also with the same discount percentages) on online websites, apps, and their physical stores. Also, more than 75 percent mobile users are known to visit company showrooms for evaluating or taking a demo of the products of their choice; before purchasing them online.

To handle this effectively, online portals are including product usage videos and virtual tours of their services for educating, engaging and pre-selling prospects.

How to make your Business listing consistent across social media

Online reputation management services are being hired for spotting brand inconsistencies and restricting conflicting messages on multiple platforms. The right social media buzz is being created by maintaining brand consistency on physical and virtual forums, mainly by involving customers in positive brand experiences.

Following are some best tips for making your business listing consistent across social media websites :

  • Go for Reputaion management services : Reputation management services keep your online information specific and current. They ensure that social media accounts, websites, and offline stores flaunt the same taglines, logo, and promotional materials.
  • Make your business information consistent across internet: Take notice of the information being published online: Your location, email address, business hours, phone number, etc. should be the same as on physical and virtual stores, review websites, and social media.
  • Do Keyword Research and stick to the same keywords : Irrespective of the marketing channels and strategies used by you, keep a consistent voice. Choose similar words and visuals for portraying your brand to your target audience, everywhere.
  • Say no to promotional messages and yes to a better call to action plan : Refrain from investing in one-way messages on social media. It is inappropriate to post promotional messages that fail to draw more traffic to your site. Call for action and encourage user questions. Also, request comments that lead to prompt responses and a prosperous social presence.

As mentioned, above points will ensure that you have left no stones unturned in keeping your business listing consistent across social media websites.

Expert reputation management services boost social media buzz for your business and improve upon your brand consistency. Websites like Reviewkeg maintain brand consistency through the right social media buzz. It makes your brand message go an extra mile. Yes, Reviewkeg conducts competitive analysis to make you stay ahead of the competition.

So, what would you like to do to get your online reputation in order? Please let us know in the comments below.

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