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Bad Online Reputation

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | April 13, 2017

Have you been a victim of negative review/s? Is your business a victim of fake or suboptimal reviews? There is a long history of poor publicity ruining brand value or creating the wrong kind of buzz repelling potential customers. The buzz about a worm being found in a McDonald’s hamburger had reduced the fast food company’s sales by more than 25% (per Greene 1978). Bad publicity affected the Tom Cruise starrer Mission: Impossible III.The movie lost a whopping $100 million in ticket sales!

Clearly negative online reviews can cause significant damage to brand value, sometimes irreparable damage. According to reputation management experts, a one-star rating will ruin your reputation online. Irrespective of the level of customer service provided to the customer by your company, a bad review rating could quickly deplete your customer database and your sales could go downhill fast with the burden of just one angry customer’s opinion about your business. As a result, all your effort of generating the right kind of buzz about your business would be in vain and you will end up wondering what hit you.

The real question here is just how much does online reviews or ratings affect your business? Dataium and Dealer Rater suggest that the chances of a customer showing up at an automotive dealer increases by 90% just by having a 3- to 5-star rating.

This rating in turn makes it 5 times more likely to convert a lead to a customer when dealers have online reviews posted by actual customers. Just having 1-2 reviews a month period can enable you to receive upto 5 times more views when compared to those who have little to no reviews.

It is extremely important to show your customers that you care about their opinion, that their experience at your location or with your service, is a big deal for you. At times you and your customer could be poles apart in your assessment of your customer satisfaction index. This gap can be the result of one bad review or maybe just once chance encounter with a grumpy customer service agent on the phone.You need to bridge the gap in real-time.

One of the tactics by which you can cross the chasm is by using a reliable and easy-to-use reputation management service– a SaaS (software-as-a-service)that can be used by anyone in your company; need not have any technical software knowledge or training. All you need is access to a computer and a login. As simple as buying a book on .

Benefits of Online Reputation Management Services

Some renowned reputation experts label their services as:

“Online reputation management expertise of removing negative buzz while promoting positive reviews, posts or news that highlights desired goals, values and results of a business.”

No-one can delete or remove a negative review that is already out on the Internet except for the customer herself/himself. There is no magic software that can hack Google Search or Yahoo Bing to erase words. What ORM firms usually do is “hide” negative reviews by “pushing” them to the sixth page or beyond on Google search. They do this by writing and publishing many positive (fake) reviews so that the older and negative ones get pushed back. That’s how they claim they are removing negative reviews. They don’t actually remove them.

However, it is advisable not to artificially push the negative reviews behind. As a business with integrity and honesty, you should be able to do the following with an advanced reputation management software:

  • “Catch” the negative review at the instant it happened, stall it; get an opportunity to reach out to the customer and fix the problem so that the negative review doesn’t go public. OR
  • Respond quickly to a negative review either explaining the circumstance under which the customer had a bad experience and apologize for the latter, or acknowledge the mistake, correct it and make an honest-to-God attempt to pacify the irate customer.

In addition, an advanced ORM software is a comprehensive solution that helps in highlighting the good parts of your service, elevating brand value, and increasing your customer satisfaction score by doing the following:

Online reputation monitoring– When customers google your business name, what kind of information do they get?

– Are you being represented properly?

– Are they seeing the comments that happy customers are making about you?

Are they able to see the extra mile you always go to, to keep your customers satisfied?

– Or are they seeing that one negative review (out of twenty positive ones) right upfront, and getting put off?

– Are they seeing your deals, coupons at the right time? Are they able to find you online just when they need a service that you provide?

Online Reputation Management services provided by ORM service providers

  1. Real-time monitoring with real-time alerts to your emails

  2. Give you theability to talk to an unhappy customer in time and solve their problems so that they do not post a negative review online

  3. Monitor how your competitors are doing wrt their online reputation and brand management activity (ie know how customers perceive your competition vis-à-vis you)

  4. Identify incorrect business listing on the web,for your company, and correct the listing so that when customers search for you on the internet, they get accurate information about you

  5. Ability to reach out to your customers seeking their online feedback on their experience with your product or service (the positive comments are a great sales collateral to garber future sales). You need at least 2-3 positive reviews a month and 2-3 reviews per month MORE than your competition in order to get ahead of them.

  6. Automatically post positive reviews to your company website and social media sites. You will eb able to control which reviews people see on your sites and when.

  7. See your performance on a dashboard that shows real-time status of your online reputation

  8. Enables you to increase your publicly available customer satisfaction score

  9. Will ensure you appear high up on Google search (without you paying for costly Google ads). Will also track how positive reviews are impacting your online customer views/visits.

  10. Will proactively ping you when you need to take action for a customer

The above mentioned services or features can help you to maintain your business’ online reputation. If you want your business to have positive and beneficial reviews, it is always advisable to seek the help of a reputation management firm.

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