Foolproof Online Reputation Management Tips for Proper Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | March 2, 2017

Gone are the days when first client meetings were executed with a lot of planning and flair. Today, brand awareness is equivalent to an organization’s internet visibility. A strong online presence is accompanied by higher credibility, optimum sales turnover, and an unparalleled potential for business growth. Given this, more and more companies are turning to the experience and expertise of reputation management companies to set them in front of their competition. This not only helps them in building their brand awareness but also helps in their buciness development. For instance, Apple has established a niche clientele through its minimalistic, aesthetic appeal. Also, as per their site, TOMS Shoes has taken up the cause of donating a free pair to a needy child for every pair purchased, thus establishing their CSR policies with flair.

Maintaining strong Online Reputation : What it takes ?

Yes, your online reputation determines whether your product will prevail or break in the market. Often compared to the traditional modes of branding, your online presence has to be credible and well preserved. In other words, it should be relatable, visible, and completely genuine for your business to grow and succeed.

With this in consideration, examine the different ways to maximize the benefits of your online presence that will add in building your brand awareness :

  1. Keep Business listing consistent – Your business listing is very important factor, if you want to improve your online presence. Make sure, your business is listed properly on some best directory sites like craiglist, yellowpages, hotfrog, google my business etc. People usually search for a business and this is the sole important reason why business listing need to be consistent.
  2. Content Marketing is the key – It is a well known fact that content is the most important key factor to be considered in field of online marketing. Smart looking, interactive and meaningful content works like charm for building strong online presence. Make your content eye catching by using interactive images, videos, infographics or visuals.
  3. Use social media for promotion – Social Media is still the most effect way for your brand promotion. Use popular social media sites like twitter, facebook, pinterest, LinkedIn and instagram to promote your content. Use effective banners and icons. Organize social media polls and contest. Participate in different social media groups and share your content time to time.
  4. PPC Advertising made it effective – With SEO becoming more competitive because of more brands competing for their favorite keywords, Pay Per Click is the most effective technique to make your brand popular among audience. If in case your ad doesn’t get clicked then also there is still chance that people get to know about your brand through your ads.
  5. Online Advertisements work with wonder – There is no doubt that online advertisements or paid social ads enhance your social reputation in a bigger way. Brands that find it hard to attract organic traffic on their site by social media marketing use paid advertisements as an alternative strategy. Online display advertising makes it easier to focus on your target audience and is most effective to increase leads and engagement. Use campaign management as a part of your marketing strategy. You can use facebook and linkedin ads to begin at first as they are cheaper. Then gradually move to twitter ads for lead generation.
  6. Give away freebies – There is more common notion that people love freebies and they often hunt for them as well. You can give away some freebies like pen, coffee mug, T-shirts, cap, bags or notebooks with your brand name written over them. Distribute them on special ocassions or festivals.
  7. Referral programs are best way of promotion – People are ready to spread a positive word of mouth for you when they get any added perk or extra benefit from your product or service. For instance, Dropbox claimed to give away extra space (upto 16 GB) for every referral they get from a user. Referral programs are best technique when it comes to growth hacking. Give something as an added benefit to your user for every referral they brings to your product.
  8. Press releases are still effective – Press releases – how can one forget this effective and inexpensive means of enhancing brand visibility? Yes, smartly conceived press release distribution is likely to fall in the hands of Google News to give your business the extra coverage it deserves.
  9. Start your own Podcasts – – Podcasts are the best way to create your niche in your segment. It not only helps in developing relationships with people in your segment but also helps in building strong brand reputation. Start making great podcasts where you can interview experts in your segment.
  10. Handle criticism in a smarter way – It is a common thing to be criticized in your market but the most important is how do you respond to the criticism that matters the most. Think while you speak or type anything. Try to give response in a more professional way. The response should be in such a way where you can tell people about your qualities and value. Refrain from using words that reflects that you are trying to defend yourself or hide anything from others.

Final word of thought : Reputation management companies have plenty of ideas for improving your online presence and brand awareness. Go for it. Websites like Reviewkeg stand by your side to handle the problems that are setting your online presence back in any way. They conduct competitive analysis, create the right social media buzz and ensure greater heights for your business. So, wait no longer and start integrating these tips and tricks for taking your website to the next levels of success.

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