Most Effective Tactics to Maximize Your Word Of Mouth Marketing for Small Business

Word of Mouth Marketing

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | April 5, 2017

Admit it ! We all rely on advice of our relatives, friends and family members at some point in our life. Some of us also love buttering and gossiping about something we genuinely care for or vice versa. We ask others feedback on the products we purchase, food we cook and even things we love. Isn’t it happen so ? Well it does.

We are living in a technology driven world where not only people but also things are well connected to each other (Internet of Things). Information we seek or we tend to provide is generally delivered in form of a message or word of mouth. It’s no point of surprise that it only takes few seconds for a message to go viral. The effect of such a message is of paramount importance when it comes to reputation and marketing.

Small businesses use such a kind of technique where growth can be attained through simple marketing channels like social media buzz and word-of-mouth Marketing (WOMM).

According to Techopedia,

“Word of Mouth Marketing is the unpaid technique of promoting any service or product while seeking for positive reviews from valuable customers in your market segment.”

That being said, WOMM can be the most effective form of marketing for your business only if done in a right way. Afterall, it is not that easy for an business to solicit positive reviews from consumers. In case, any negative buzz or word of mouth go viral then it can create heavy loss in terms of business advertising.

Surveys state that more than 16,000 words are uttered per day; with 100 million plus conversations being made about brands, products and services alone. Do you feature there? Here’s how to bring your business performance to notice by sharing stories, news, press releases, and more. If effectively organized, positive social media buzz engages customers and generates talk about your business performance.

While many would turn to online reputation management companies for working their way through, others would follow these tips for their small business growth via social media channels :

  • Get Noticed – The most important thing that makes people sit up and take notice of your business is your business profile and ways of gaining visibility. There are organizations that invest millions on advertising, without any avail. Yes, it’s only 10% of customers that place their trust in brands!
    Then, there are others that rarely shell out a time for marketing themselves and get raving word-of-mouth marketing because they know how to get noticed. As per Nielsen, nearly 92% of consumers would abide by the recommendations offered by friends and family, rather than believing in advertisements, promotions, media releases, and so forth. Also, it has been proved that 20% to 50% of sales are courtesy what people are talking about your business. So, recommend your products, tell success stories, reach out with freebies and offers, or leverage the benefits of having a large and loyal client base – either way, you will emerge as a winner.
  • Ask your customers for feedback – Though, asking for others for feedback could sounds like more of a promotional tactic but still you can make it in an easy way. First way should be specifying goals on how to collect customers feedback. There are many ways from which you can seed positive reviews from your customers but the most effective could be done with emails. You can send an email in the form of a feedback form to your consumers where they can post their reviews. Put a message in your email like “Your feedback is important to us as it will help us improve our service or product”. This will definitely work for you. Go for it !
Infographic - Word of Mouth Benefits
  • Go Viral – Share things that will improve upon your perceived value and pave the path for enhanced small business growth. For instance, create entertaining and knowledgeable content that will attract more shares and cast a good impression about your products. Sell your business to gain ‘social currency’ that makes positive reviews come your way.
  • Triggers that keep People Talking – Review websites and social media buzz require certain triggers to keep them going. These triggers prompt people to remember your products or talk about related things. So, design products around successful triggers or link your products to new cues in the environment. There are times when people will get the hint but shop later, just keep throwing the right messages their way.
  • Make Social Media your ‘referral’ channel – There is no doubt in admitting that one best post on social media can get many happy opinions of people which is actually a good sign of social media reputation. Make sure that your website content is easy to share and it’s readable. Adapt some smart ways to improve social media reputation of your website.
  • Create an Emotional Bondage – What makes sharing a norm among friends or in a family? It is loyalty and care. Connect to your customers and understand the kind of emotions that will get them talking about your business. Amusement, excitement and other high arousal emotions will kindle passion and incite people to take the actions that benefit your small business growth.

As mentioned above these tactics will help you to manage your Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) tactics in a smarter way.

What tactics do you use to maximize your WOMMM strategy. Please do let us know in comments.

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