Emerging Trends of Automotive Marketing in 2017

Automotive Marketing Trends 2017

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | April 10, 2017

The renowned automotive industry of USA saw an unprecedented sales growth at the end of the year 2016. While such type of record-breaking statistic seems easier to guess but the path to the glory for US automotive companies has never been so smooth. Initially, the companies were having hard time to attract consumers. After putting together all the marketing efforts and technological advancements at the bay, dealers succeeded in attracting consumers with aggressive dealership marketing.

Automotive Industry Trends 2016 – A Flashback

Automotive & Tech Entrepreneurs have had predicted that future of Automotive Industry is more likely depended on upcoming technological advancements. Automotive paragons are more likely to get funded by financial and political forces, which is the sole reason for such kind of prediction. Moreover, 2016 saw an increase in mobile based searches which changed the fate of overall marketing landscape of auto-industry. Those who were prepared for such kind of change made huge profit and those who were not had to face severe pitfalls and setbacks down the road.

Automotive Marketing trends 2017 – What future holds ?

Every trend follows with an in-depth research & analysis of consumer data & comprehensive market which support future prospects and impact of that trend on market segment. While some trends dominated the automotive market in previous year (2016), there are some marketing trends that may have a huge impact on automotive industry in the current year i.e 2017.

We have find out what marketing trends will dominate the US automotive market in 2017. Following infographic will explain you about the automotive marketing trends that are expected to rule 2017:

Infographic - Automotive Marketing Trends 2017

  1. Better video content will be the key to marketing

    It is a known truth of web marketing that content is a crucial aspect when it comes to consumer engagement. Content in the form of visuals, infographic, reviews, blogs, images etc. will continue to dominate the web through years. But video is definitely an attractive element to increase recognition of a brand. According to a survey, it was found that dealer websites that display video content have twice more chances of getting consumers than those who don’t have one.
    Following are some known reasons by which video can be a great source of consumers attraction:
    • 48 % consumers are more likely to buy any vehicle after watching a video on youtube or any other dealer website.
    • 52 % of marketing experts labelled video as the greatest ROI (return on investment) producing content
    • Using youtube links in email marketing is more likely to increase conversions then any other marketing method
    • Videos, when used as an advertising medium performs brilliantly then link, text or in-content ads.
    • Video tutorials are more likely to watched and preferred over texts or document tutorials
  2. Customer experience will likely to dominate purchases

    It is often said and believed that consumers are the heart of any business. Well, it’s so true. Without customers any business is a failure. Successful businesses are those who have embraced consumer-centeric philosophies in their marketing strategy. According to a survey done on consumer experience, it was found that buyers more likely to buy products from the same dealer because of their good customer experience.
    Image credit – genesys.com
    On the basis of a consumer’s experience, we have sorted out some points which need to be worked on :
    • Brands need to focus on methods that force consumer’s co-creation and collaboration
    • Your brand should be more adaptive to latest technologies
    • Consumers purchasing power should be your brand’s social experiment
  3. Personalization will become customer retention factor

    As brands tend to become more of content providers, there is a rise in need of personalization. Many marketers believe personalization as a key success point for marketing with mobile, email, display, content etc. As a business point of view, personalization could be anything that would ensure touch points to be more specific and responsive. In other means, making your purchase process more responsive and streamlined is the key to personalization.
  4. Social Media Marketing & Advertising will be the most effective form of marketing

    Social media marketing and online advertising when used together is more effective then being done individually. According to a forecast report on eMarketer website, social network ad spending will reach $35.98 billion by the end of 2017. Having said that, 2017 will be no different from previous years where dealers more rely on online advertisements and social media for brand building, engagement and consumer retention.
    US dollars spend on advertisements
    Image credit – statista.com
  5. Artificial Intelligence

    There is no doubt that automotive paragons are utilizing AI technology to the core to provide positive customer experience. For instance, Ford has planned to invest nearly $1 billion in AI self driven technology. From internet of things to the cloud-hosted intelligence, all attempts to revolutionize automotive industry is exemplary commendable and list still goes on. Hence, it is the most exclusive trend which automotive experts have had predicted for the current year.

Final words:

Though we can’t peep in through a crystal ball in hand, we still have given our best to explain about the upcoming trends. Of course, the list is not exhausted yet. There may be more out of our sight.

What trends do you expect to dominate the rest of 2017 ? Let us know in comments.

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