Best Automotive Digital Marketing Campaign Tips for Canadian Autodealers

Automotive Digital Marketing

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | April 18, 2017

Are you aware that for majority of Canadian car shoppers,

– car purchasing is a deal worth for heavy research and satisfaction? or

– an average Canadian auto intender do research on web to get his question answered, read reviews and watch test drive videos on youtube before stepping his foot on showroom.

According to a survey conducted by Kenshoo,

  • “70 per cent of Canadians turn to search engines when they’ve to research about a car”.
  • “Car buyers spend over 15 hours online researching, comparing and exploring the quotations,” says Google.

Internet is becoming the sole nerve of autobuyers for finding information and inspiration about cars. So, as a car dealer your primary objective should be improving your online presence. It is the only way that you can use to get more engagement with your target audience. One easiest way of doing it is through an effective automotive digital marketing campaign.

The reasons to choose digital marketing over any other automotive marketing strategy results in:

  • guaranteed higher ROI (Return on Investment)
  • metrics which are not only quantifiable but also trackable
  • improvement in sales
  • opportunity to expand your business.

Based on our research & knowledge of expertise, following ways can help you to get better results through automotive digital marketing campaign. With these insights, not only you can reach out to your potential Canadian auto buyers but you can also take appropriate measures to skyrocket your sales in a hassle-free manner.


Tips for a successful Automotive Digital Marketing Campaign

  1. Decide the type of Media Mix

    One of the most important criteria required to get more out of your automotive digital marketing campaign is to determine which type of media mix gets you favorable results. It is always recommended to use –
    • email marketing for your sales,
    • social media for spreading brand awareness and
    • search engine optimization/ search engine marketing for improving your organic traffic and online presence, respectively
    For increasing brand awareness it is important to use online reputation tips which can come handy throughout your automotive campaign. For more effectiveness and skyrocketing your sales a business owner can use traditional marketing and digital marketing together.
  2. Promote your product through Email Marketing

    Email campaigns are the best way to tell people about your product. Be it through visuals, be it through blogs, be it through videos or any other form of call to action, you can spread awareness through emails. Ensure to refrain from spamming other inboxes. Be natural. Be creative and use your time effectively while using email marketing.
  3. Opt for Location based campaigning

    According to a analysis report published on eweek, Location based advertising market (LBA) is expected to hit nearly about $15 billion in 2018. Location based campaigns work best when you want to attract your potential customers who are within the reach of your business location. With location based campaigns, you can earn high ROAS (return on ad spend) which is actually difficult for small-to-medium businesses. Car dealers can use location based campaigns to determine their audience geographically so that they can provide them related offers & encourage them with messages.
  4. Make your message digitally optimized and device friendly

    According to an email statistic report published on emailmonday, mobile email opens have grown with 180% in 3 years. Hence it is very important for your email message to be optimized according to all the devices. A message which is not thoroughly optimized is not thoroughly readable.
  5. Use social media advertising for brand building

    About 2.1 billions of people are active on social media. This statistic alone is crucial to analyze how important is for you to use social media for building your brand reputation and a larger fan base. It helps to create engaging content for your audience. Ensure to create readable content to describe your brands USP, history or you can start with storytelling as readers love articles in the form of stories. Once you get your foothold on top of social media platforms, use online advertisements for dealers to generate leads in your automotive campaign. Use twitter, facebook and linkedin ads to attract users.
  6. Keep a track of your lead Generation process

    Successful automotive paragons use lead generation to get the most out of their campaign management process. Following the same track, you can keep an eye on your lead providers. Ensure to keep track of such leads that actually gets converted into sales. Embrace latest lead generation methods such as SEO, PPC, online advertising etc and analyze which one is getting you more results.
  7. Say yes to new trends

    Trends in automotive digital marketing keeps on changing along with customer’s choices. Changes made according to customer’s choice is a way to give tough competition to your competitors.
    “The earlier you adopt to such changes, the faster you get ahead of your competitors.”

While considering automotive digital marketing in their marketing strategy, canadian auto dealers can spread the good word about their service or product through a well planned campaign. Make sure to include all the above tactics as a part of your automotive campaign and let the magic begin.

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