Social Listening

The Anatomy of Social Listening: Why it works like charm?

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | July 8, 2017

It goes without saying that “a positive word of mouth about your product or service is what will turn your progress into reputation.” Having said that, if your product or service is being appreciated by your target audience, then you are on the right track of business intelligence. Word of mouth marketing can be used to boost your business sales. But then how can you monitor what people are saying about your brand online? How can you track live conversations that are revolved around your name or your brand name? Well, that is where role of social listening comes into... Read More

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Competitive Review Analysis

Competitive Review Analysis – Keep a Tab on your Competitor’s Reviews

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | June 13, 2017

Believe it or not, your rivals are always on the prowl for your customers. They conspire to set you behind with smarter strategies and research tools. According to Arthur Weiss, MD of UK-based Aware, “By monitoring competitors on an on-going basis, you get to know their behavior, and so can start to anticipate what they will be likely to do next,” he adds, “You can then plan your own strategies so that you keep your customers and win (not steal) customers away from competitors.” Importance of competitor analysis in strategic planning Analyzing your competitor is an essential component in strategic... Read More

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How to get positive reviews

Important Tips to Get More Positive Reviews Online

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | June 1, 2017

How is your business performing on review sites? Are you successful in getting positive online reviews? Are you a victim of negative reviews which directly affects your online reputation? No matter how good your product/business is and how well you treat your customers, there are still some chances of receiving negative feedback in the form of reviews. At times many unsatisfied consumers express their negative experiences on the web too. In such cases, negative reviews by such unsatisfied consumers are inevitable for a product/business owner. In the words of Jason Arengo, internet marketing strategist of ‘Think Basis’, a leading internet... Read More

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Location Based Marketing

Is Location-Based Marketing the Next Big Thing?

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | May 25, 2017

With more number of people using smartphones in their day to day life, it has become an opportunity for marketers to target customers on the basis of their geographical location. Such an opportunity gave rise to location-based marketing. As the name implies, “location-based marketing is the kind of marketing done using mobile phones where information in the form of media content or messages is delivered to the user on the basis of his geographical location.” Having said that, location-based marketing is a perfect choice of marketing for those businesses who wants to target their customers within a specific radius of... Read More

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Need of Online Reputation Management

5 Signs You Need To Protect Your Online Reputation

by Reviewkeg Staff Writer | May 22, 2017

Online reputation management (ORM) is actually all about taking control of the online discussion about you or your business. Its procedures and strategies guarantee that individuals find out the correct information when they search for you on the Internet. When done perfectly, online reputation management allows a business owner, media person or any entrepreneur to put their best foot forward by making the balance. Regardless of how low tech your way of life is, there is a decent amount of data about you available online and individuals are seeing it. In the event that somebody writes something negative about you... Read More

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